The Chemist
Thursday February 19th 2015, 9:02 am
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I start the day
With a visit to the Pharmacy
To get the remainder of my life saving pills
And straight away it’s happening again
The Pharmacy is wasting my time
All Pharmacies are steeped in a culture of time wasting
And here is a cast iron forged example
I came three days ago with the prescription
And as I am not daft
I gave them the prescription
Telling them I would collect it tomorrow
I came back the following day
And amazingly they made me wait ten fucking minutes
For something that was in a bag on a shelf
The main man eventually headed towards me
Which mean’t it was going to be short
So I am here again today
And the shop is completely empty
I give the counter woman the note
She turns and puts it in a small green basket
Right under the noses of these highly qualified beancounters
The counter woman wanders off into the shop front
While I stand there staring at the green basket
Willing them to look at it
But they don’t
Five minutes pass…nothing
I go up to the counter woman
Who is shuffling shampoo on a shelf
“Excuse me…nobody is paying attention to the green basket”
She goes and moves the green basket slightly to the right
She is staring at them silently
As if she has no power to command them
These powerfully qualified Sentinels of the Pharmacy
I am willing it on from my side of the counter
Here we go we have a glance
I almost clap as she picks it from the basket
Then two minutes pass
I speak to the counter woman again
“What’s happening…it should just be on a shelf”
“Oh…no…it’s not made up”
I make a tiny sigh
And a tiny head shake
My mind is screaming
There is still only me in the shop
Here it is…here it comes…it’s complete
8 minutes today
18 minutes total

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