Another Return
Friday February 06th 2015, 2:33 pm
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It just dawned on me
Like it often does When your in the middle of a sentence
Your mouth is saying one thing
But your brain suddenly gets an idea
As my voice droned on
I realised the reason I stopped writing
Was because of the job itself
When I took up the Hackney licence I was then tied to days only
Writers block was not my problem
It was the boredom
Trapped in stressful traffic With miserable people who rarely speak
Now with my day job lost I have had to switch to nights
No choice
On a night there is no traffic
And most of the passengers are in a good mood
After having a long term disregard of nights
By complete accident I have become a fan
Cast adrift in early January I had started to think that maybe there was going to be no more
I had fled in a random direction
And been on the run for nearly 5 weeks
Before the Taxi guards had caught up with me
Wandering aimlessly lost
They dragged me back to Stalag Taxi
And put me back to work
Now I can feel its addictive nature again
The one thing that I do well
The one thing from which I must escape
As it slowly embraces and comforts me
It’s quite good I hear myself saying
I start at six Finish at two
I go straight to sleep
Get up at ten
And have the whole day free
Every day of the week
But not surprisingly I need probably 50% more energy to run this new operation
I have gone from a 12 hour active day
To an 18 hour active day
Already I have noticed That I am not eating enough
And I keep conking out during the day
I try to get on with useful stuff
But I have become The fly around the light bulb again
Then my mind drifts back to thoughts of escape
But my escape committee lacks expertise
Which means I either become an expert
Or I enlist one to aid me
The latter being the most difficult
To instil your vision of the promised land Into one who may aid you
Is a task that has stalled my optimism
And my stalled vessel drifts into space
Re-orbiting the light bulb
And on the difficulty of articulating your ideas
It probably ranks alongside reciting a dream

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Seems like a lifetime since I heard from you. I’ve often felt like working nights, but I would be out of a job if I tried that. I’d come into the office one night punctually at 6 and there’d be a memo on my desk, or an email, informing me that I had been let go, downsized, decruited, idled, canned.

Comment by yarb 02.06.15 @ 9:57 pm

Hello Yarb. Good to hear from you again. Long time.You should do nights anyway. At least three quarters of the world disappears

Comment by admin 02.19.15 @ 11:08 am

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