Darkly Does It
Monday January 31st 2011, 9:57 am
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It’s Sunday morning
And the streets are only sprinkled with people
The day is crisp and fresh
But as usual the early customers of the day are not fresh
They are from yesterday
And are set not to exist for today
After the first stinking group
Was a lone guy
He sat in the front
His head lolled onto the window
Eyelids under great pressure to close
“Barnett Road please”
“You’ll have to excuse me mate” he continued
“I think I’m slipping into a coma”
“If it starts costing too much money…”
“You’ve got my permission to turn off the machine”
He remained firmly in the coma until we arrived at Barnett Road
I hailed him as we entered
It took him quite some time to find his hand
And then his pocket
Then he had to hold his right hand with his left hand to make it rigid enough
To push into his pocket
There was nothing in that pocket
So he repeated the same for the left pocket
Out came a twenty
I said to him
“You will have to turn off your own machine now”
He looked at me and did a few different frowns
“That is a heavy concept mate…turning off your own machine”
Then he slid out failing to close the door

I returned to the rank…the usual one
Though since I joined Big Company
I have not been here very often
There was one cab parked there
I knew him so I started to pull alongside
Then I hesitated because I thought that it was his night driver
His night driver is a loner
I don’t bother him at all
Once I helped him with a flat tyre
With no gratitude at all
It was not the night man
“Hey how ya doin…I thought it was your night driver for a minute”
‘Oh…it wouldn’t be him anymore…he’s dead’
‘Yep…he committed suicide on Friday night’
“He jumped from Ditchling road onto the bypass”
I had a moment
The notion of what he just said didn’t add up
“How do you know?”
‘I rang his girlfriend to see if she knew where he was and she told me’
‘Also I drove up there and spotted his car parked…’
‘She’d kicked him out recently…looked like he had been living in the car’
Then he took a job and drove off

I pondered this packet of information on and off for few hours
Until the point that I dropped at the university
And decided to return along the bypass under Ditchling Road
There was no blood and no chalk man on the road
No sign of any incident
I strained my neck to look up as I passed beneath it

I parked up at the Asda and bought a coffee
How desperate that man must have been
Jumping off that bridge is insane
It’s not high enough
It would be like throwing yourself out of a third floor window
Badly injured is the most likely outcome
And you would lay there badly injured
Until a speeding vehicle hit you
And not without the possibility of killing some poor driver
Or mentally scarring them for life
How bloody inconsiderate

The notion of his actions troubled me
It seemed ridiculous
But I reflected on the job
If one was feeling utterly depressed…suicidal
This is not a good job to be in
It can take your ideals and beliefs
Corner them and crush them
With the constant flow of the negative public
Washing you against the rocks

I drove a customer over to Hove
And dropped in to Maraccos coffee bar on the seafront
Mrs Dial was there with Jonatron and his wife
They have a new baby also
Though Jonatron is not happy about it
And hasn’t been for some time
It took me some time to catch the waitress and get a coffee
I sat there waiting for my coffee and sighed
Mrs Dial indicated that I should hold their son
So that Mrs Tron could eat her food properly
Ok…so i picked him up
He is tiny
And has lots of dark hair
Which is a bit odd for a baby
I looked at him and a thought crossed my mind
It was not a good thought
The baby was not happy
Could I possibly relay this thought to the table?
The baby started to murmur a cry
Oh no here comes the thought…forming into words
“He looks like Bernard Manning”
Mrs Dial laughed
Mr and Mrs Tron didn’t
There was a pause for a minute
Then Jonatron said
‘He does look a bit like Bernard Manning’

A Quick Decap
Thursday January 27th 2011, 3:19 am
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Oh where do I begin?
A whole sea has passed under my bridge since the last post
So I delayed for sometime wondering what to write
While the iron was hot
And then I decided it was just too personal
That I should just stick to the task of writing about my daily cab toils
But by then I had lost my login page
When I eventually found my login page
I couldn’t remember the login or the password
Nor would it recognise either of my e-mails

But that was then
And now at least some sort of explanation
Because there are people who read this

At the point of the last post
The one about the stupid junctions
I had reached a saturation point
1. The hamster wheel was running too fast to feed the hamster
Money was flying through my hands
2. Mrs Dial hadn’t worked for over a year
3. I was being regularly visited by thoughts of personal doom
That I had fucked up my recovery
And that I was going to die fairly young
4. I fell under the spell of another woman
And it really was a spell
I can describe it no other way
Because one day it just vanished from my mind
And I was grateful that it had gone
But during its reign
I had constant voices in my head
Out of any control
Just flaring into action
I was going nuts
Until one day of slavering madness I broke
5. I abandoned work completely
Under a swirling mass of problems
I borrowed a small pile of cash from a friend
And fled to France in a beautiful sixties sports car
Weaving through the bourgione like Cary Grant in a sunny spy movie
6. I came out in a considerable rash
It was the last flourish of my stress
And the wane of my panic
7. I decided through a thick wedge of experience
That I was going to dedicate my future to Eating correctly
Something that I had been forced to reflect on for some time
That at once seemed impossible to do in todays daily life
But through rigorous observation
Now looked more simple
I began to believe that even the mighty Jamie Oliver had failed
Because I was dealing with things
That in his swagger he had failed to see
And as I watched him on the telly
Cooking mussels on his mobile kitchen at sea on a trawler
I thought
This is just TV…just a waving image with a southern drone
It’s inefective in the battlegrounds of our cities
8. I returned to blighty somewhat recovered
Healed by the countryside of Le Morvan
9. I joined what used to be Klu Klux Cabs
Their merger with their city rivals
Had made them a very large cab fleet
They were most effective
And I was impressed
I was back in a saloon car
The human stench was right back under my nose
10. In the middle of November my second son was born
He took me by surprise
He had the most handsome cuteness
And could quietly enchant me
This had never been achieved by any other baby
11. An opportunity arose to road test the food plan
But it would involve living on the other side of town
Deeply mired in the domestic mangle of healthy eating
Troubleshooting all the things that needed to be trouble shot
For a dreadlockioed businessman nicknamed ‘Mental’
Who needed to stay healthy and very fit
For his International Ultimate Frisbee career
12. The year ended
13. Bum Bum

Brave New Weld
Sunday January 23rd 2011, 6:43 pm
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I did it
It suddenly came to me
That was like being stuck in the Phantom Zone on Krypton
After many months of being absent mindedly locked out of here
I am back in cyber space
I will be back soon